The VIAFON management team is here for you!

The personal contact and getting to know each other and to exchange and align the particular requirements and targets is the beginning of any good relationship. We as a team set on a cooperation based on partnership, that is for both sides profitable, a sustainable turnover, on quality and industry know-how.

  • Doreen Krause

    Doreen Krause


    “Quality measurement should reveal deficits in a fast and beneficial way.”
    Please contact me if you have questions on quality management in your customer communication.
    Tel. 030 – 240 41 420

  • Alexander C. Nathansohn

    Alexander C. Nathansohn


    “Courage and passion go with sales!”
    Please contact me if you have question on acquisition of new clients and sustainable sales!
    Tel. 030 – 240 41 420

  • Anne Stahl-Weiß

    Anne Stahl-Weiß

    Founder & Partner

    “Constant change and always learning from the best” How we manage this!” How we manage this?
    Please feel free to contact me . Tel. 030 – 240 41 420

Wir freuen uns auf ein Gespräch mit Ihnen.

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